Tools for testing (sknano.testing)


This module contains test fixtures for unit testing.



sknano.testing Package


generate_atoms(*args[, elements, ...]) Helper function to generate sequence of atoms for testing purposes.
generate_structure(*args[, generator_class]) Helper function to generate StructureData for running unit tests.


AtomsTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for sknano.core.atoms unit tests.
DUMPTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for DUMPData unit tests.
GeneratorTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for sknano.generators tests.
Geometric2DRegionsTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for Geometric2DRegion unit tests.
Geometric3DRegionsTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for Geometric3DRegion unit tests.
GeometricRegionsTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for sknano.core.geometric_regions unit tests.
IOTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for unit tests.
TempfileTestFixture([methodName]) Mixin TestCase class for unit tests.
Timer([func]) Stopwatch Timer class.

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