class sknano.core.geometric_regions.Cube(center=None, a=1)[source][source]

Geometric3DRegion for a cube.

New in version 0.3.0.

Cube represents the region \(\left\{\{c_i\pm\frac{a}{2}\}|a>0\forall i\in\{x,y,z\}\right\}\).


center : array_like, optional

The \((x,y,z)\) coordinate of the axis-aligned cube center \((c_x, c_y, c_z)\).

a : float, optional

Side length \(a\) of axis-aligned cube.


Calling Cube with no parameters is equivalent to Cube(center=[0, 0, 0], a=1).


a Side length \(a\) of the axis-aligned cube.
center Center point \((c_x, c_y, c_z)\) of axis-aligned cube.
centroid Alias for center.
fmtstr Format string.
measure Alias for volume, which is the measure of a 3D geometric region.
volume Cube volume, \(V=a^3\).


center_centroid() Center centroid on origin.
contains(point) Test region membership of point in Cube.
rotate([angle, axis, anchor_point, ...]) Rotate GeometricRegion points and vectors.
todict() Returns a dict of the Cube constructor parameters.
translate(t[, fix_anchor_points]) Translate GeometricRegion points and vectors by Vector t.