sknano.core.get_fname(fname=None, ext=None, outpath='/home/androo/projects/scikit-nano/scikit-nano/doc', overwrite=False, add_fnum=True, fnum=None, verbose=False, **kwargs)[source][source]

Generate modified fname string based on chosen parameters.


fname : str

Name of file, with or without an extension.

ext : str, optional

File extension to append to fname. If ext is None, then fname is analyzed to see if it likely already has an extension. An extension is set to the last element in the list of strings returned by fname.split(‘.’) if this list has more than 1 element. Otherwise, ext will be set to an empty string ‘’. If ext is not None and is a valid string, then fname is analyzed to see if it already ends with ext. If fname.endswith(ext) is True from the start, then ext will not be duplicately appended.

outpath : str, optional

Absolute or relative path for generated output file. Default is the absolute path returned by os.getcwd().

overwrite : bool, optional

If True, overwrite an existing file if it has the same generated file path.

add_fnum : bool, optional

Append integer number to output file name, starting with 1.

fnum : {None, int}, optional

Starting file number to append if add_fnum is True.

If the generated file path exists and overwrite is False, setting this parameter has no effect.

verbose : bool, optional

Show verbose output.


fname : str

Updated fname.