Tutorials and Examples

The current state of the tutorial leaves much to be desired. For now, please see the module doc pages for examples to help get you started.

Tutorial: structure generator classes

The generators module provides the following classes for generating nanostructures:

Nanotube Structure Generators

For example, if you have a list of chiralities that you want structure data for, you can do something like this from within an interactive session:

>>> from sknano.core.structures import generate_Ch_list
>>> from sknano.generators import SWNTGenerator
>>> # Generate your list of (n, m) chiralities
>>> Ch_list = generate_Ch_list(ni=5, nf=25, mi=0, mf=25, handedness='right')
>>> for Ch in Ch_list:
...     SWNTGenerator(Ch).save(structure_format='data')
In [1]: from sknano.generators import SWNTGenerator

In [2]: bundle = SWNTGenerator((10, 5), nz=2, bundle_geometry='hexagon')

In [3]: bundle.save()
writing 1005_1cellx1cellx2cells_hcp_7tube_hexagon

Tutorial: command-line scripts

The tutorials below describe the scripts available in the scripts package.

nanogen script

The nanogen script provides a command-line interface to the structure generator classes in the generators package.

nanogenui script

The nanogenui script launches the Nanogen GUI app.


Most module doc pages include relevant examples. Below is a list with links to all examples.


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