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scikit-nano 0.3.0 Release NotesΒΆ

scikit-nano 0.3.0 is the culmination of months of hard work to refactor the package code base from the ground up. One of the most frustrating aspects of the v0.2.25 and earlier releases was my confusing implementation of sub-classing and multiple inheritance in the sknano.structures and sknano.generators classes. I’ve reworked my approach to multiple inheritance in this release, and my hope is that these changes will make future development much easier for me and for others willing to contribute.

Furthermore, I’ve moved and renamed several packages around and did so without much regard for backwards compatibility, which I hope you’ll forgive. Of course the great thing about version control is that you’ll always be able to checkout the v0.2.25 release should you require that code base. Add in virtualenv and you can work with both simultaneously!