Structure generators (sknano.generators)


Nanostructure generators

GeneratorBase(*args, *[, autogen]) Base structure generator class.
FullereneGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) Fullerene structure generator class.
GrapheneGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) N-layer graphene generator class.
PrimitiveCellGrapheneGenerator(*args, *[, ...]) N-layer graphene generator class using a primitive unit cell.
ConventionalCellGrapheneGenerator(*args, *) N-layer graphene generator class using a conventional unit cell.
BilayerGrapheneGenerator(**kwargs) Bilayer graphene structure generator class.
MWNTGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) Class for generating single, MWNT.
MWNTBundleGenerator([autogen]) Class for generating multi-walled nanotube bundles.
SWNTGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) Class for generating SWNT structures.
SWNTBundleGenerator([autogen]) Class for generating nanotube bundles.
UnrolledSWNTGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) Class for generating unrolled nanotube structures.

Bulk structure generators

BulkGeneratorBase(*args, *[, autogen]) Base class for the bulk structure generator classes.
AlphaQuartzGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) AlphaQuartz generator class.
GoldGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) Gold generator class.
CopperGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) Copper generator class.
MoS2Generator(*args, *[, autogen]) MoS2 generator class.
CaesiumChlorideStructureGenerator(*args, *) CaesiumChlorideStructure generator class.
DiamondStructureGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) DiamondStructure generator class.
BCCStructureGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) BCCStructure generator class.
FCCStructureGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) FCCStructure generator class.
RocksaltStructureGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) RocksaltStructure generator class.
ZincblendeStructureGenerator(*args, *[, autogen]) ZincblendeStructure generator class.


sknano.generators.STRUCTURE_GENERATORS = tuple of recognized generator classes.

tuple() -> empty tuple tuple(iterable) -> tuple initialized from iterable’s items

If the argument is a tuple, the return value is the same object.